Media Personality, Sleep Expert Dr. Tracey Marks, M.D.

National Media’s Go-To Expert

Dr. Tracey Marks (20/20, HLN) is an Atlanta-based psychiatrist/ psychotherapist who specializes in better sleep, and often appears on major prime-time television programs to weigh in on various health issues that are sleep-related, whether it’s a physical cause, or mental/emotional. Dr. Marks can help find each person’s unique “sleep fingerprint” and offer a new way of using proven methods.

Frequently quoted as an expert source by national media outlets such as Shape, msnbc.com, Women’s Health, USA Today, Forbes.com, Psychology Today, Woman’s World, and WomansDay.com, Dr. Marks is also an award-winning author. Her book Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified, is the recipient of the Best Book in the health category of the USA Best Books of 2011.  Dr. Marks pens a regular column for Huffington Post’s Healthy Living section and her top holiday sleep tips were displayed in a health slideshow on iVillage in December.

While her big angle is: “Are your tech toys keeping you up at night?”, her other focus areas include:
•    How to sleep while traveling/getting back on a sleep schedule after traveling
•    Getting your kids on a back-to-school sleep schedule after breaks
•    Sleep aids: what are your options?
•    Sleep positions: best and worst for a good night’s sleep

Dr. Marks provides a thorough exploration of potential treatments, from herbal and prescription medications to a variety of therapies, and explains the potential risks and benefits related to all treatments, and skillfully assists clients struggling to balance their life and work, while also overcoming burnout, depression and other stress-related issues.

Sub-specialty: Forensic Psychiatry

Board certified in Forensic Psychiatry, Dr. Marks also appears as a forensic contributor on TruTV’s “InSession.”

Background and Credentials

Dr. Marks obtained her undergraduate degree from Duke and her medical degree from the Univ. of Florida. She completed her residency at The New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical Center where she served as Chief Resident. She is also the founder of the Beyond Burnout Blog (www.MarksPsychiatry.com), where she features videos and articles that help people deal with stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and other life-balance issues.